If you want to monitor a network, the network security monitoring has been around for a long time but still remains popular with companies. It can be applied to just about any network-related mission, be it work, home or business. It helps to protect your network from unauthorized access and keeps you informed of anything that might cause harm to your computer network such as intrusion attacks, malicious intrusions and other security threats. There are some free tools available online to help you detect possible attacks and malicious objects, but many of them require a hefty price to pay in order to properly protect your network. But the very good news is, you can get a tool for free!

The Axellio network security monitoring software package Splunk can help you to monitor any computer network for free. With this software package, network security monitoring can be done in the background and all you need to do is set up the alert. You don't have to purchase the whole package just to get the full-fledged network security monitoring. Just simply download the free version to your computer, install it and then set up the alert on your network. It is as easy as that. 

Splunk Security Monitor is specifically designed for businesses and corporations. In addition to network security monitoring, it can also keep an eye on your PC's security settings and collect data on how frequently you're using your computer. If you run a lot of online shopping, your web browser homepage may also be monitored by the program. This means that you can prevent your employees from visiting suspicious websites. It is also capable of keeping track of your employees' usage of your company's network.

Apart from monitoring your system for intrusions and malware attacks, Splunk can also keep an eye on your system when you're not around. With the live viewing of your systems, you can easily identify problems before they become too big to handle. Most people don't often take the time to properly secure their computer systems so the live viewing is a great way to do this. Splunk even has security monitoring features that will notify you whenever a virus enters or attempts to gain access to your network.

This network security monitoring software is completely safe to use and will not invade your privacy. It works in the background, gathering information on everything it finds, with no one ever knowing. It will log keystrokes, monitor HTTP traffic, record email addresses, FTP logins and much more. With Splunk, you never have to be concerned about your network's safety again. You'll find yourself more in control and aware of problems much sooner.

When it comes to safety and security, Splunk is definitely a leader in the industry. Not only does it provide network security monitoring but it can even protect your home computer as well. Splunk is also a very affordable program. This is a must-have tool for everyone who has a home computer.  Click here if you want to know more about this discussion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_security.